Team of Expert Radiologists

Expert Radiologists

Supplemental your daytime coverage to meet your caseload requirements.

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Quick Turnaround time

Working Hours

We can assume emergency interpretations when one of your radiologists is not available after hours

Structured & Quantified Reporting


Trained manpower available all year round to handle crucial case

Reports you can rely on!

We provide best teleradiology reports, fast and accurate. Which helps in everyone to belief and treat patient in a better way.


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Expert Radiologists



Our Features

Fast services

Faster and Accurate Reports - 15 to 30 mins X Rays and 60 mins for CT/MRI.

Accurate Report

Improve the speed and process of receiving the right diagnosis.

Experience Radiologist

Experience 22% revenue growth and 2X to 5X productivity gain.

Frequently Asked Questions

The turnaround time would be 15 to 30 minutes for X Rays and 60 minutes for CT/MRI.
Yes, a second opinion service is also available. We also have a dedicated Quality Assessment team.
When you hire a radiologist, you have to set aside a fixed income despite the caseload, but with Arise's Teleradiology service, you only pay for the reports made.

With our round-the-clock service, you don't have to worry about downtime when your radiologists go on holidays or vacations.

With multiple modalities at the hospital, the in-house Radiologist can concentrate on USG or bigger modalities, while Arise handles other modalities. This improves the productivity of your in-house team and a revenue boost of 10% to 22%.
We follow a stringent selection process. All our doctors hold an MD in Radiology from some of the best-known institutions and have wide-ranging experience.
Our advanced AI-Enabled Teleradiology Services ensure :
Quick turnaround time
Structured & Quantified reporting
Team of Expert Radiologists
Stringent Peer Review